Saturday, 17th March – 2018

Anne and Sam’s special day was held on the banks of Loch Lomond, at Duck Bay Hotel.

Both the bride and groom were getting ready at the two holiday cottages just along the road from the hotel, so my day started with filming some of the preparations and getting to know each of the families. Anne was quietly excited and there was a lovely atmosphere with all of the family members and wedding party buzzing about getting ready.

Once all the hair and make – up was done, the girls moved along to the bridal suite at Duck Bay .I was seriously impressed with the view from the room. It had a full length window stretching across the entire wall, making it seem like you could reach out and touch the loch. The view was made all the more dramatic with the snow showers that were falling.

The emotion started to build as preparations were coming to an end and once Anne’s dad arrived in the room, everyone knew it was almost show-time!

Les Gray conducted the humanist ceremony,  which was full of laughter and love, with a special reading from Anne’s sisters.

“When the one whose hand you’re holding
Is the one one who holds your heart
When the one whose eyes you gaze into
Gives your hopes and dreams their start,
When the one you think of first and last
Is the one who holds you tight,
And the things you plan together
Make the whole world seem just right,
When the one whom you believe in
puts their faith and trust in you,
You’ve found the one and only love
You’ll share your whole life through.”

Les also told us the story of how Anne and Sam met one fateful summer ten years ago when they both had seasonal jobs at Blair Drummond Safari Park. They became friends initially but it wasn’t long before they both realised how they felt about each other. I always love to hear the stories of how each couple met – and this one was particularly interesting!

It was clear to see just how delighted the couple were to have made their vows  – this meant they could relax a little and mingle with their guest…until the speeches.

Myself and the photographers headed outside with Anne and Sam, to brave the snow and get some romantic couple shots. I was so pleased that despite the wild and wintry conditions outside, they were both up for heading out, as it really does make all the difference for the photos and video.

Up next were the speeches and I have to say, all of the speakers did an excellent job. They were entertaining without being too long. There is a definite balance to be struck when writing a wedding speech – and I think these guys did it well.

After dinner, there was time for a bit more mingling before the couple took to the floor for their first dance, beautifully performed by their band The Trueloves.

Check out their wedding highlights film :

Anne said: “We are absolutely over the moon with it and can’t wait to share it with our families – you captured so many little moments.”